Money Management Principles

Jobs in the financial markets is impossible without forex trading company, trading platform and an effective program of placement. Firmly following the equitable relationship between the amount of income and the amount of losses per average trade, the trader is able to work with money, not play.

  1. General investment amount shall not exceed 50% of the total capital.

According to this rule, the total amount of funds (margin) for all open positions must not exceed the 50 percent threshold. This will keep the legal reserve in the event of unusual situations and continue normal operation.

  1. The total amount of money invested in one market may not exceed 10 – 15% of total equity.

This eliminates the possibility of investing excess funds in a deal that could wreak havoc if the deal would be unprofitable (after all, the risk of loss is always present).

  1. The rate of risk for each market in which a trader invests his funds should not exceed 5% of the deposit.

Thus, this principle determines the amount that the trader is willing to lose in the event that the transaction will be unprofitable. Again, some analysts believe that this barrier should be at 5%, and 1.5 – 2%.

  1. The total amount of guarantee fees paid at opening positions on the same group of markets, must not exceed 20% – 25% of the deposit.

Markets included in one group move more or less the same. Opening large positions in every market of one group violates diversification principle, therefore, must be treated very carefully to the placement of funds in similar markets. You can not break the rule of optimal funds allocation: in varying degrees, they have to be diversified. Its capital should be placed so that one transaction losses are not ruined the trader, and, where possible, were offset by profits from other transactions.

On the Forex market are the following group of markets in which the behavior of exchange rates is very similar: the dollar zone, the euro, sterling zone, the yen area.

  1. Determination of the degree of portfolio diversification.

Diversification is one way to protect the capital, but here you need to know when to stop. More or less reliable allocation can be achieved by opening positions simultaneously at four – six markets of different groups or open forex trading accountwith different trading conditions (link).

The variability of the market, the more removed should be the levels of stop-loss orders on the current level of prices.

In the interest of traders to place a stop order as close as possible to the current price level, in order to minimize losses from the losing trades. At the same time too “hard” stop-loss can lead to unwanted elimination of positions in the short-term price fluctuations (noise). However, too remote stop losses, though not sensitive to noise, can result in significant losses.

Why a Billboard Is Important For Business

Strategically placed within high-trafficked areas, billboards serve many purposes, namely to Communicate and disseminate information, Provoke thoughts and ideas, Raise awareness and Provide a platform for visual expression. As we know, a consumer, who works hard or goes around from one place to another is hard to catch but catches him/her in every place with effective reach. Due to this reason Advertisements are preferred by advertisers and marketers. The priority objective of Advertising is to gather and attract consumer’s interest and attention.

Billboards are large format advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distance generally more than 50 feet. displays include but not limited to bulletins, junior posters, posters and spectaculars. The major types of include digital billboards, mobile billboards, inflatable billboards, multipurpose billboards, bicycle, mechanical billboards and dimensional billboards.

One great benefit of Billboards advertising is that it does not interrupt consumers in any way. There is no obnoxious sound, smell or any type of negative attention grabber. is noticed because of their messages, bright bold color and creative graphics.

The importance of advertising includes high visual impact, low cost, high product visibility, high frequency, and immediate message delivery. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand’s recognition. If placed in the right location, advertising can increase traffic to your business, familiarize customers with your brand/product/service, and attract new customers who make impulse buying.

Billboards are here to help us and be tangible reminder of what we have become and what we have achieved. Not only do they improve the visual quality of the area where they are placed, they also serve as beautiful reminders of our past and the future. One most important advantages of over other advertising media is that it has the potential to capture the attention of the audience on the go.

Billboards advertising succeeds in bringing people to compare themselves and their situations with what is being presented on the billboard. Studies reveals that physical attractiveness of models has tremendous effect on how men and women see, evaluate and purchase certain products.

For billboards, six words or less is ideal, get noticed but don’t make your billboards a huge distraction, this is not the time for direct response, billboards should be smart but not too clever, the more billboards, the better and don’t say it, show it. With these rules in mind, you are sure of getting the right attention for your brand using advertising.

How To Fire Up Your Advertising’s Inner Salesman

Sometimes I believe biz owners, entrepreneurs and even marketing folks are hypnotized to believe that traditional advertising makes sales and gives business a big ol boost.

Why? Simple! Just take a look at most of the advertising you see! Not to be crude or rude here, but tradition advertising sucks for most small businesses! Most of the time these ads couldn’t sell food to the starving. I’m serious!

The next time you’re bored just take a gander at some of the ridiculous advertising you see out there. Here’s what you’ll see…

Ads that are funny, cute and entertain.

Ads that delight and wow you.

Ads that are artistic.

Ads that try to build “brands.”

Guess what your advertising should be doing?

Making sales, right? Yeah, that’s correct my friend… Sales! Sales! Sales! Boy, that’s a dirty 5 letter word, eh?

Sometimes you got to get over your traditional ad agency and fire up your inner salesman!

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m doing here. It’s not trashing anyone’s efforts to create advertising. Not at all! After we have been ‘brain-washed’ to believe Madison Avenue or traditional type advertising is how it’s supposed to be.

I certainly didn’t start out creating great ads. It’s taken me years to figure it all out thanks to a hand full of mentors. What’s more is that I’m still learning, testing and developing what brings in sales.

I’m not “picking” on you personally. I just want to open your eyes to a new world of advertising that brings you results. Results that you can count, track and take all the way to the bank.

After all…

Can you really afford to spend bucketsful of advertising cash to entertain, look pretty or build a brand? If you are like most of us, the answer is a big ol “NO!”

All of your advertising should carry its weight and earn its keep… just like your sales staff do or should do. After all you wouldn’t send out your sales people dressed like clowns, singing and dancing at your prospects now would you?

I think NOT!

You’d want to present your very best case for your products or services. And this is exactly what your ad should do too!

Your ads and other marketing materials should paint a pleasing picture of what your service or product will do for your prospects and clients. They would explain why your company is the most logical choice, the most obvious choice in the market place over all of the other choices given to them.

Explain to your prospects how your company is different (better, more affordable, better guarantee, etc.) And how you are the logical solution to their most pressing problem. And it should do this in a fashion as though you were speaking to them in person. In other words you ads should sound like the way you normally talk. No pompous words. No $10 words. No self-aggrandizing talk.

It’s not about YOU! It’s about what you can DO for your CUSTOMERS!

Marching Orders…

This article just scratches the surface. If all of this is puzzling to you don’t worry. And don’t be too hard on yourself. After all most folks don’t really know the difference between a good ad and a bad one. Sadly, most so-called advertising experts wouldn’t know a good ad even if it slapped them in the face.

But hopefully this short article will shed some light on writing good advertising.

It’s like we are all programmed to believe that we understand advertising. Think of the massive amounts of advertising we are force-fed daily.

And here’s the real kicker… Most of the advertising you are drenched with is put out by Madison Avenue type agencies who do not have a clue about salesmanship or what makes humans tick. In most cases, these creatives wouldn’t know a good ad if it walked up to them and tapped them on the shoulder.

No point to beat a dead horse but here’s why most advertising does not work:

Folks will not buy because you’re clever or funny or artistic.
Folks will not buy because you’ve got a great slogan.
Folks will not buy because you brag and tell them how great you are.
Folks will not buy because you have a great service or product.

Nadda chance (remember the clown?). You don’t have to look far to find boatloads of products that clowns that couldn’t close the deal. The only way products or services get sold by ads is because the ad is a master salesman in print.

Here’s A Basic Check List For Good Advertising

The next time you’re in doubt about whether you have a good ad or a bad one, run it through this basic check list.

Who are you? I really want to know? OK this simply means know thy prospect/customer/client. Remember you are writing to your ‘average prospect’. Who is she/he? It’s beyond the scope of this article to go into market research here but suffice it to say you need to understand your clients’ needs, wants, hurts, and problems!

Grab their attention. Remember how I mentioned the bombardment of marketing messages we encounter every day? Well, if you want to stand out and gain favorable attention you must speak directly to your prospects wants and needs. We are all in various “zombie” states of unconsciousness. So you gotta shake folks out of their stooped state.

Tell a complete sales story. Give folks solid reasons why they should buy from you and not the competition. List out features and benefits of what you have to offer. Let them know you understand their problem and how you can be the solution to this problem. Then make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.

Close the deal. Very important and what separates the wheat from the chaff. And what separates direct response advertising from Madison Ave. advertising. Good advertising always has a response device. Ask for the order. Tell prospects exactly what to do… Visit our store, click here to order, or whatever action you want to achieve.

Keep in mind this is by no way a complete copywriting check list. Sometimes all you need to do is “just sell the damn thing” as the late Gary Halbert would say.

It’s Time to Prepare Your Business for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, have you started preparing for it?

This is the time to start preparing your business for winter and making sure you don’t lose business to the winter cold with a custom external vestibule in the entrance of your establishment. As the seasons change and the cold weather settles in, business owners still want to entice their potential and current customers into coming in to their establishments. The US has notoriously brutal winters, and we still need our businesses to thrive during these times. A solution to this specific problem – Custom Winter Vestibules! A winter vestibule is basically an outdoor foyer that is built to your specifications.

When it comes to custom signage for a business, people usually think about advertisement and branding, but in some cases you might find much more benefits, like in a winter vestibule.

How will a custom winter vestibule benefit your business?

Custom vestibules carry a wide range of benefits- not only do they help improve your exterior design but will also help your business retain customers!

Vestibules give your customers a place to collect themselves, take off that heavy winter gear and prepare for the heat inside. When leaving, they’ll also have a chance to bundle up and prepare themselves before venturing back out into the cold.

Many Restaurants in the metro area find that their customers have to wait outside of the premise until their table is available. With the brutal winter cold, these customers will just continue on to next closest business to find shelter from the cold air and warm up inside. With a vestibule you would have not lost this business! Your customer will be warm, happy and ready to come in and enjoy your wares. More importantly, you customers will return to your place of business regularly.

Winter vestibules have practical uses as well as aesthetic ones.

Did you know that having a winter vestibule can help reduce your heating costs by up to 35%? Constant opening and closing of the doors during the winter can let out a lot of the heat in your establishment, pushing up the heating bills and frustrating the customers with the constant cold. The beauty in the winter vestibule is the simplicity of the design – the spring operated outer door closes before your business door opens – preventing the heat from escaping and keeping the winter cold where it belongs, outside of your business!

It’s important to make sure that vestibules are designed to stand the test of time. Use only the highest quality materials to ensure that the vestibule will stand up to the brutal winter winds, snow and rain. Durable steel framing and strong high quality canvas ensure that your vestibule will be long lasting, enduring and beautiful!

Expo Sign will make the custom winter vestibule of your dreams in record time and at an excellent price! We are a family owned and operated business with over 60 years combined experience sign making and manufacturing. We manufacture all of our products in house, all of our machinery is onsite in the office – which eliminates errors, increase production and allows us to communicate with you more effectively in regards to the process.